Binary™ 350 Series USB 2.0 Cat 5e/6 Extender Balun Kit – 330 ft

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  • Perfect for Smart-boards, powerless plug and play
  • Driver- and software-free, premium components
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Binary™ 350 Series USB 2.0 Cat 5e/6 Extender Balun Kit – 330 ft
Extend a seamless signal between USB devices in commercial or residential environments using this Binary™ CAT5e/6 balun kit. Whether you’ve got a UC webcam or Xbox One, or need a balun to keep various USB accessories online, this kit will pair handily with any USB 2.0 devices.

Integrate More Devices
Run plenum rated cable up to 330 ft (100m) through conduit and in ceilings to extend a variety of USB peripherals using our balun kit. Patented USB 2.0 technology will keep keyboards, mice, interactive whiteboards, flash drives, hard drives, audio devices, web cameras and any other USB device seamlessly connected.

ExtremeUSB® Feature Suite
When it comes to USB 2.0 technology, there’s only one feature suite that does it without drivers or software: ExtremeUSB. Our balun kit includes ExtremeUSB® capabilities such as: transparent USB extension, plug and play connectivity, and compatibility with all major operating systems such as Windows®, iOS® and Linux®.

Designed For Gamers
Our professional-grade baluns were designed and tested using Sony Playstation 4, Xbox One, and related systems and accessories. Grab a USB hub and take advantage of remote placement of any consoles or controllers, so your gamers can keep living areas neat without sacrificing playing space.

Software & Control Compatible
In addition to pairing with USB smart devices, this balun is also ideal for use in commercial jobs that use sensor/data acquisition software or installs that have extensive industrial control needs.

Dimensions 3.34 × 1.57 × 0.98 in

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