Binary 520 Series 1080p HDBaseT Receiver with IR

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  • Pair with Binary 520 Series HDBaseT Matrix Switchers
  • HDCP 1.4, 10.2 Gbps
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Binary 520 Series 1080p HDBaseT Receiver with IR

When you want to extend audio and video signals over long distances without sacrificing resolution or quality, a Binary HDBaseT Receiver is what you need. This one goes the distance, receiving up to 4K@30Hz video and 7.1 channels of lossless audio over a single CAT cable (when paired with a B-520 HDBaseT transmitter). It works with dedicated HDBaseT transmitters, as well as products with the transmitters built in (such as B-520 matrix switchers) – providing flexibility and interoperability on the job. “Plug and play technology” allows this product to bypass frustrating EQ and EDID settings, and for the finishing touch it includes bi-directional IR for complete system integration.


No Power Supply Included – This product features PoC and does not require a separate power supply, when used with B-520 matrix switchers. This product may also be used with a B-520 HDBaseT transmitter. When pairing with a B-520 HDBaseT transmitter, please purchase a separate 12V power supply (B-PS-12VDC-2A). Use of power supply with a different voltage may cause damage to the product or the power supply.
Shielded Cable Recommendation – Although HDBaseT transmission technology is much less susceptible to EMI interference than other transmission technologies, if possible, it is recommended that you pull shielded Cat5e/Cat6 with this product for maximum reliability. Please note: for proper shielding, shielded connectors must be used with drains connected at both ends. In addition, “EZ end” connectors are not recommended for use with HDMI extenders.

4K@30Hz with Full 3D Support

This receiver offers full support of 4K@30Hz (including HDMI® with 3D), Deep Color (36bit) and HDCP 2.2, as well as support for Dolby® True HD, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS™-HD Master and LPCM audio formats. Please note, 4K support varies by distance and cable type, please refer to specifications for further details.


Benefits of HDBaseT Technology

Thanks to HDBaseT technology, this Binary™ Receiver is able to receive full uncompressed 1080p HD video and audio through a single CAT cable up to 230 ft. It provides greater RF immunity, so you get a better and more reliable signal, plus it’s easier to install because you don’t have to fiddle with any EQ or EDID settings. Just plug and play and you’re on your way to faster and easier media distribution.

Bi-Directional IR

This receiver allows you to send IR to equipment back at the head-end from the TV location quickly and easily and over the same cable. Using an automation or remote system? We’ve included an adapter cable to allow for control of the TV from the controller. For best performance, use our Episode® IR flashers and receivers.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Forget about wasting precious install time running back and forth, fiddling with transmitter and receiver settings, and struggling to get a good picture. With this extender kit there are no EQ or EDID settings required – all you do is plug and play. Now that’s smart!

IR Flexibility

An IR receiver port provides power when connected to an IR receiver or shuts off when connected to control systems. Plus, an IR flasher level knob helps to adjust the intensity of the flasher in order to accommodate the TV and light present in different zones.

Power over Cable (PoC)*

With Power over Cable (PoC), you can send power over the same Cat5e/6 cable that extends your video, audio, and control signals when paired with B-520 Matrix Switchers. This means you only need one power supply – and you can put it at the head end to get it completely out of the way. *Please note that PoC works with B-520 matrix switchers only.

Built-In ESD and Surge Protection

Intelligent circuit design, perfected through extensive hardware testing, has resulted in a robust product with excellent ESD and surge protection that exceeds CE Level 3 standards. During development, they were hit with ESD at 15KV and surges up to 1600V.

Screw Down Power Plug

When the receiver is used with HDBaseT Transmitter with no POC like B-520-TX-230-IR, a screw down power supply B-PS-12VDC-2A will be required to supply power to the receiver. Plus the extender features screw-down power plug, so you never have to worry about getting service calls because a plug fell out when the TV was moved.

Removable Mounting Ears

The receiver comes with mounting ears, making it easy to get the receiver mounted securely.

2-Year Limited Warranty

This Binary product has a 2-year limited Warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty will not apply to products that have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel Oxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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