WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (VersaBox) with OvrC Home | 5 Controlled Outlets

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WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (VersaBox) with OvrC Home | 5 Controlled Outlets

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WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (VersaBox) with OvrC Home | 5 Controlled Outlets

The WattBox VersaBox 300 Series feature five IP-enabled, individually controllable outlets and pairs perfectly with our Strong VersaBox™ Pro 14″, VersaBox™ Pro 8″, or VersaMount™. It “drops in” to any of these boxes, utilizing in-wall space beneath the box to save precious real estate inside the box for other equipment. It also provides three lines of defense – Self-Healing Auto Reboot, OvrC Home, and OvrC – to fix problems and prevent truck rolls. Add in robust surge protection and a dealer-centric smart outlet design, and you have a power conditioner built for every job in the queue.

OvrC is your remote on-call technician, a free cloud-control app that makes installs a breeze and helps eliminate truck rolls. Plus, a convenient, end-user app allows your customers to fix small problems on their own, reducing calls and making your life easier.

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Three Ways to Prevent Calls & Truck Rolls

This WattBox provides three lines of defense to fix problems, reduce service calls, and prevent truck rolls. Combine WattBox’s scheduling and auto-reboot feature with OvrC Home and OvrC remote management, and you have an iron-clad power conditioner built for integrators. Simply put, no other remote management system comes close to what WattBox and OvrC can do.

Self-Healing Auto Reboot

WattBox power conditioners are uniquely designed to fix themselves without any outside intervention, helping to prevent service calls and dealer troubleshooting. The unit continuously monitors connectivity; when the connection is lost, automatically reboots the troubled device as programmed. You can even schedule regular reboots through the local UI or OvrC platform.

OvrC Home

OvrC Home is a free client-facing mobile app included with all WattBox IP products that allows homeowners to fix small problems on their own. Through this intuitive app, they’ll be able to reset any device connected to individual WattBox outlets, as well as multiple devices if set up with OvrC Home macros. If for some reason customers still need to contact you, your company logo and contact information is easily accessible within the app itself.

OvrC Remote Management

Through the intuitive OvrC dashboard, you can reboot devices, modify configurations, update firmware and more. Plus, if a WattBox device goes offline or its voltage falls outside a safe range, OvrC provides you with a notification, before your customer even notices. Upgrade to OvrC Pro, and you’ll get access to even greater diagnostics and troubleshooting tools.

Surge Protection

From Noise Filtration to 2160 joules of surge protection, this professional-grade WattBox is engineered to protect critical equipment on the job. Safe Voltage protects gear by automatically disconnecting it during unsafe voltage conditions, while ceramic-encased MOVs prevent components from catching on fire when taking a surge hit.

Mounting Flexibility

This WattBox is specially designed to “drop in” to the VersaBox Pro or VersaMount to help increase precious in-wall storage space, or it can be placed in a Wirepath ONE structured wiring can to save you even more space inside the box. This unit also includes a second set of right-angle brackets for mounting on the wall, under a table, or under a podium.

Control Integration

This WattBox is compatible with the industry’s most popular control systems; refer to the support tab for available drivers and usage guides.

Complete Customization

A wide range of add-ons and accessories lets you customize your WattBox to fit specific job needs. With the WattBox Momentary Trigger, you can keep customers out of the structured wiring can and still enable them to reboot pre-defined outlets.

Dimensions 7.9 × 2.7 × 6.75 in

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