WattBox® IP UPS Kit – 12 Controllable Outlets | 1100 VA

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WattBox® IP UPS Kit – 12 Controllable Outlets | 1100 VA
When you purchase the WattBox® UPS + Surge Conditioner Kit, you’re getting the world’s most sophisticated battery backup. Ordinary UPS models have the outlets and battery backup in a single chassis, which forced you to place the large and bulky unit in the middle or top of the rack where you needed the outlets. In this kit, the UPS and surge conditioner are connected with a single cable, so you can put the heavy UPS and batteries at the bottom, and place the outlets where it’s convenient. And if you’ve already designed or installed a WattBox rack, you can easily add a UPS later. Kit includes (1) WattBox® 800 Series IP Power Conditioner | 12 Individually Controlled & Metered Outlets and (1) WattBox® UPS Battery Pack.

Important Note – This WattBox model is not compatible with the WattBox Rack Mountable Modular Faceplate Display (WB-FB-600) or the WattBox™ Momentary Trigger WB-ACC-TRIGGER.

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